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The Marble Isle ...

Once a mountain, a hundred thousand years ago.
In the old transcript it is called 'The Marble Mountain'.

People came from all over the world to share ideas,
stories and experiences. They nourished their minds,
filled their hearts with love and friendship and they had
a thirst for knowledge.

Meetings fostered their capabilities of creativity and changed the way
they looked at the world which surrounded them.

After awhile, the time came for everyone to spread their knowledge.
With kindness and love they shared their experiences with those,
who proved to be trustworthy.

To remember the friendship and their sense of belonging
to one another and everyone, each participant was given
a piece of the mountain, a small marble stone for their journey.

With the stone in one hand, they swore to come back,
if not in this lifetime, then in the next.

Thousands of years later, after all visitors was given
a piece of the mountain, a traveler came and asked:

"Why do you call it a mountain?
Everyone can see it is an Isle, made of Marble."

Welcome to the 'Marble Isle', did you bring your stone?

Are You Curious ?

Marbele Isle
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